10 Reasons why you need an event architect.


  • What you’re planning to do matters to the success of your business.
  • Your name is on this and you can’t afford for it to go wrong.
  • You have competing priorities or wonder if your expectations are realistic.
  • The events team is running low on ideas and needs some fresh and provocative thinking to stir it up.
  • Your delegate numbers are stagnant or declining.
  • You need to align the attitudes and behaviours of employees, channel partners and B2B customers.
  • Your event space is facing increased competition.
  • You need to do more with less.
  • You want to test your assumptions about what makes a successful event.
  • You need to move people to action.

Most importantly, you simply can’t afford to conduct a poorly planned event.  The cost of irrelevant or non-inspiring content and sessions, poorly planned meeting flow, inadequate venue spaces, poor communications, and inefficient processes and scheduling is far greater in the short and long-term than investing in a designer with a proven track record for success.