“Community and Council planning is challenging at the best of times but 4 years ago Bright Red Fish engaged a diverse range of strategic thinkers and delivered an event that framed the vision and set the direction for our community and Council to design and deliver on a 30 year vision for our City.

The testimony to its effectiveness is its continued relevance to our City today – with the community and sectors [business, health, education, government] have invested in and refer to as a process and experience that “has remained relevant over time and embraced the changes”.

Patience Harrington, CEO, Wodonga Council


“In response to a question about what was the best attribute of the event participants overwhelmingly said the ‘program speakers’.  We received comments such as; ‘I thought the choice of speakers was diverse with something for everyone and all delivered thought provoking material’, ‘the speakers this year were fantastic’; ‘Selection of speakers – they were informative, motivating and above all humorous.”

                Phil Naylor, CEO, MFAA       James Symond, President, MFAA


“I gave the event full marks – it was well put together, I couldn’t fault any of the speakers – even those who presented the drier topics.  The message I left the conference with was that if you set your mind to it you can do anything.”

                Julia Frost, Firstfolio  (delegate at 2012 MFAA National Convention)


“My big takeout from the conference was the business development aspect of the program.”

                Scott Billington, Wagga Mortgage Broking (delegate at 2012 MFAA Convention)


“The high quality of speakers in our technical program, the efficient and professional management of speakers were major achievements this year for FPA’s premier event.  These achievements should be directly attributed to your involvement in the event for the first time and your hard work.”

                Nicolette Hughes, Events Manager, FPA National Conference


The overall satisfaction of the program, together with the results of the session evaluations highlighted the success of the program, with over 90% rating the program to a high satisfaction level (rating 1-2 out of 5).  This is the highest satisfaction rating for at least 5 years where the results can be compared.”

                Program Evaluation Report for  FPA Annual Convention


“Wendy has displayed a flair and talent which, combined with her professional approach delivered an outstanding service to AMP.  Her contribution to large events such as our Offshore Convention and Annual Conference has been first class.”

                Andrew Mohl, CEO, AMP Limited


“Ultimately your workshop ideas were instrumental in really giving the Vienna conference that special touch for our delegates.  In particular the moving of the workshops into the artistic buildings of Vienna, with international quality presenters who appealed to the more humanistic  side of our advisers, was a real masterstroke.  I am sure that this idea alone eliminated any comparison of Vienna with previous conferences, (an important element in our planning as this was the first time we had taken the AMP conference to a city destination in lieu of a resort style location).   As always, you have demonstrated an on-going capacity to know your client well.   The sourcing of speakers for the main plenary session was first class.”

Len Whelan,  National Manager Operations, AMP Financial Planning


With each year’s event we are faced with so many challenges, not the least of which is where do we go from here, how can we do it better?  We seem to reach a pinnacle at the end of each Sales Conference, however you have proven that there is better and that the challenges are just challenges, not barriers.

On behalf of the whole AMP team thank you for making us look great, thank you for continually pushing the limiters and for mirroring the exceptional standards set by AMP.”

Lucinda Melton, Manager Conferences, Agency Operations, AMP FP


“The choice of speakers, which was from your advice Wendy, could not have been better.  They were all excellent in their presentation skills and each topic seemed to complement the others to produce an extremely interesting and enjoyable program.

We could not have achieved the results we did without your expertise and valuable help.   You made the Committee’s job so much easier in conducting an international conference of the size and nature of the 44th IFIA Congress.”

Paul Waite, Chair, IFIA Congress


“I am writing to thank you for the outstanding job which you did for us for what I believe to have been our best conference ever.  Feedback from those who have written since returning to Australia certainly indicates that we delivered against our promise of an information-packed, interest-filled conference.

It seems like a long time since you and I sat down with a blank sheet of paper considering how best to fulfill our promise to the Board and the Members.  I believe  your idea of conducting the discussion groups with members both North and South laid the foundation for success.”

                John P Rutherford, Director and Chief Executive, Mitre 10 (Australia) Pty Ltd


“We have had heaps of feedback from the conference and I must say the reports are excellent.  Well done, it was a fantastic week.   Reports are that the conference was the best yet.  Thank you for all your work and assistance.  I certainly really appreciated working with you for my first conference.”

Lee Robinson, Franchise Incentive Executive, Optus