Speaker of the Month

Stuart Donaldson


If your audience consists of business owners, franchisees or those responsible for managing budgets or financial advice then you need Stuart Donaldson.

Stuart has the unique ability to make financial concepts comprehensible, rewarding and even enjoyable.

Numbers tell the story of a business and will help measure the things that drive success and avoid the pitfalls.   To grow, thrive and survive you need to know and understand the financial impact of your business decisions.  The story revealed by the numbers will help you measure and improve productivity and plan for growth and a successful future exit strategy.

Stuart is an experienced banking and financial executive, educator, business coach and financial advocate for small to medium enterprises.  As a facilitator, workshop leader and keynote speaker, Stuart has presented to scores of business owners, franchise groups, industry associations and professionals.  He’s earned an enviable reputation and always receives outstanding feedback scores.

Stuart can be contacted at www.banyanco.com.au

Gus Balbontin


Energetic, passionate, engaging and practical.  A guaranteed winner with any audience.

If your delegates are looking for a genuine insight into how at risk their business is from disruption they need to hear from Gus.

What you’ll get is a frank and realistic view of the risks and opportunities.  Gus will help your delegates focus on what they need to do to stay close to their customers and how to re-evaluate the business systems and structures which may be hindering the process of staying ahead of the market.  A chance to check the assumptions currently underlying business decisions and question their ongoing relevance.

Gus can be booked through Eva Adams at eva@icmi.com.au

Published August 2016

Alastair Humphreys


Adventurer, Author & Motivational Speaker


‘Lessons from the Road’




Alastair Humphreys spent over four years cycling round the world, a journey of 46,000 miles through 60 countries and 5 continents. His books ‘Moods of Future Joys’ and ‘Thunder & Sunshine’ recount his epic journey described by explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes as ‘The first great adventure of the new millennium.’


Consciously steering himself away from becoming an expert in any one niche of adventure, Alastair is driven to try new challenges in new environments. Alastair has walked across southern India (following the holy Kaveri river), rowed across the Atlantic Ocean, run the Marathon des Sables (6 consecutive marathons through the Sahara desert), rowed to France with Major Phil Packer, completed a crossing of

Iceland by foot and packraft, and participated in an expedition in the Arctic, close to the magnetic North Pole. He recently returned from walking across the Empty Quarter retracing the route of one of his heroes, Wilfred Thesiger, walking 1000 miles in 45 days through the desert in Oman.  A film of this expedition will be released in late 2013.


Closer to home, Alastair has been promoting the idea of microadventures – shorter challenges that help remove the barriers to entry so common in the sometimes elitist world of adventure. Corporate audiences appreciate that Alastair’s concept of microadventures delivers relevant messages around creative thinking, change, finding opportunities within constraints, personal and team development, as well promoting physical and mental well-being. As  Alistair puts it, microadventures encourage ‘five to nine thinking’.  The concept of microadventures led to Alastair being named as one of National Geographic’s Adventurers of the Year.


An inspirational and entertaining speaker, Alastair Humphreys is passionate about encouraging others. Cycling around the world was a powerful learning experience and taught Alistair many key lessons about resilience, human potential, risk and rewards. He shares practical advice about breaking down seemingly distant dreams into achievable goals, staying motivated when it gets tough and conquering self-doubt and a fear of failure. With humour, superb photographs and a huge range of anecdotes to draw upon, Alastair challenges his audience to set more challenging goals. To do more.


Alastair has published several books and he is a keen photographer, videograper, and popular blogger and motivational speaker.


Alastair’s inspiring, funny and yet challenging talks about his expeditions deliver a highly original case-study on self-motivation, setting small targets to achieve outrageous goals, the rewards of risk, the power of story-telling, the

magnificence of our world, and a call to arms that nothing is achieved without being bold enough to begin it.  The lessons from the road.


Feedback from Clients:


‘I have just done the feedback forms and Alastair scored top marks right across the board. We got about 60 feedback forms in, and every single one of them marked him 5 out of 5.’                                                                                         Legal & General


‘Wonderful presentation. The most transformative and totally inspiring call to action…’                                                                                      Education Scotland


‘Alastair spoke recently to a group of very senior Marketing VPs and CMOs at a Google event.  He did a wonderful job of engaging and inspiring the audience with them hanging on his every word.  He was equally comfortable presenting to his amazing photographs or handling a range of questions.  I would have no hesitation in

recommending him for a corporate audience.’                                                   Google


‘If anyone gets the chance to hear Alastair then jump at the opportunity.’

England Rugby


‘Absolutely excellent.’                                                                                              NFU


‘Your talk was so inspiring and incredibly thought provoking! The discussions we led that afternoon were full of great conversation and energetic ideas with a lot of focus around your learnings.’

AE Games


‘We will definitely have you back next year. Absolutely brilliant.’

Ernst & Young

‘As good as Ranulph Fiennes.’

IoD member