What we do

Business events are one of the most visible manifestations of an organization’s culture.  Yet commonly more effort is focused on the logistics of the event than on its design and content.

As meeting designers and architects we believe the ‘why’ of a meeting is the defining purpose behind creating a great event.   We build our plans around your goals so that your events are not only memorable and engaging but rooted in your business strategy and designed to build your organization’s brand value and profitability long afterwards.

Our designs focus on:

  • Engagement that brings organizational brand value through networking opportunities.
  • Inspirational education by selecting speakers that fit your goals, your organizational culture and the aspirations of your audience.
  • Agendas and meeting structure that flows intuitively so that attendees can process their new knowledge in ways that make it more relevant and actionable.
  • Communication processes to help you present the total value in attendance.
  • Building an event strategy and actionables that your in-house or external event managers can delivery efficiently and easily.

The increasing focus on measurable Return on Investment  (ROI), more demanding audiences, a generational shift and tighter budgets call for professional capabilities beyond those of the organizational skills of traditional event managers (pco’s) and event producers.  That is what makes partnering with Bright Red Fish so valuable, no matter the size of your event.

We will work with you every step of the way to create an outstanding event program.

If you currently have an established relationship with an external event manager (pco) or producer our services will complement theirs and make your life easier and your event more effective.