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Into The Heart of Meetings  

Authors: Eric de Groot & Mike van der Vijver

Into the Heart of Meetings defines meetings as a form of communication.  It describes the characteristic processes of meetings and how to influence them through Meeting Design.  The authors provide an array of tools that enable meeting organisers to obtainthe best outcomes from their meetings as measured by their business value.  The introduce the principles underlying Meeting Design, as well as the main practical issues that Meeting Designers face and need to solve.  The authors use counless examples connecting their writing to daily working practice.  It’s an explorative study, a textbookand a practical guide in one.


Event 3.0 How Generation Y & Z are re-shaping the events industry

Author:   Shuli Golovinski

Our world is changing, and more importantly, so is the event industry.  A new generation is rising to the fore and they don’t just want to sit around and be talked at.

The modern world is less about formal authority figures and more about people who express themselves and share their insights. As event builders, we need to be aware of the changing needs of the latest generations of people coming to our events.  These are people who understand a message in ten minutes instead of forty-five and who can pick it up within four slides.


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