Who’s dictating your program content?

June 2013

Do you find yourself struggling with a  vocal minority pushing their own agenda?   Do you worry that your program  is being highjacked?

Even senior management, like governments, can  find itself responding to the loudest  or most powerful voices which often reflect no more than a fear or resistance to change.

It’s easy to lose sight of the big picture when there’s so much distracting ‘noise’.

The best way to silence that vocal minority and recapture the initiative is to invest in building a deep understanding of your audience.   Who they are; what motivates them; what keeps them awake at night; how do they perceive your organization; what relevance does the event have for them; how do they prefer to receive information; what will make a difference to their productivity levels and individual success.

The results will provide  all the evidence you need to silence the vocal minority; succeed in meeting the objectives of the organizational stakeholders and your audience; and you’ll reap the benefits and kudos of delivering a highly relevant program and a very successful event.